Sep 24, 2015 · This was really just a howto of how setup my NAS currently, aimed at people that already know OpenBSD. If you're curious about a *NIX server and don't mind spending some time to learn the system. I'm highly pleased with OpenBSD. The system is minimalist - there are not many moving parts by default - and really invites to understand stuff properly.

May 23 18:08:51 hostname systemd[1]: Stopping OpenBSD Secure Shell server… May 23 18:08:51 hostname systemd[1]: Starting OpenBSD Secure Shell server… May 23 18:08:51 hostname systemd[1]: ssh.service start request repeated too quickly, refusing to start. May 23 18:08:51 hostname systemd[1]: Failed to start OpenBSD Secure Shell server. OpenBSD use by default ffs2 (Enhanced Fast File System) since version 6.7. If you create a new filesystem manually you will still get an FFS1 filesystem unless you force -O2 or if the filesystem will be larger than 1 TB. 08:00 WireGuard patchset for OpenBSD (1) 07:41 TLSv1.3 server code enabled in LibreSSL in -current (0) Thu, Apr 30. 06:35 Catch up 2020-04-30 (1) Thu, Mar 26. 08:36 Booting from an FFS2 filesystem (9) Tue, Mar 24. 16:26 Bob Beck Interview from EuroBSDCon 2018 (0) Tue, Mar 03. 09:43 p2k19 Hackathon Report: Rafael Sadowski on KDE+Qt5 progress Introduction. It’s been 6 years since the last OpenBSD installation tutorial so I felt it was time to update it for the newest OpenBSD (6.1)! There’s probably plenty of tutorials around there explaining how to install OpenBSD, but I wrote that one in addition to my previous tutorial, “Installing Gnome Desktop and Gnome Display Manager on OpenBSD”.

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New Critical RCE Bug in OpenBSD SMTP Server Threatens

Jan 30, 2020

OpenBSD - Server Operating Systems Technical Comparison “OpenBSD’s primary focus is on correctness and security.” —“Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 versus UNIX” w51 Kind of OS: open source BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution) UNIX † “Technically, Windows NT Server 4.0 is no match for any UNIX operating system, not even the non-commercial BSDs [ FreeBSD , NetBSD , OpenBSD] or Linux Building an IPsec gateway with OpenBSD | Exoscale Tutorial Configure the OpenBSD host; Configure the client, assuming it’s an Apple laptop; In this case, to ensure no additional software is needed on the client, we will configure an L2TP/IPsec gateway. This article will use OpenBSD as the operating system to implement the gateway. Get your own Git Server using OpenBSD - TuM'Fatig Jun 13, 2017