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Talk:Astaxanthin - Wikipedia I removed the section on beta carotene since it was uncited. I re-wrote and monitor the article. Its addition was by an annoymous IP user, and seemed a non-specific allegation without merit. meatclerk 07:15, 27 April 2008 (UTC) "A In the Food Chain" Is the WORST segment i have ever read. someone seriously needs to edit that bad boy. Talk:Naidu/Archive 2 - Wikipedia People who I have determined to either belong to these castes or have much knowledge pertaining to this and other castes have said this above (they have said these things under annoymous IP's). Someone that is both an experienced Wikipedia editor and that has verifiable evidence of facts are cordially invited to fix this :) -- Belinrahs ( talk How to act like a professional on wikipedia? | Wikipedia

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Free Proxy IP list. Tested High and Ultra Anonymous Proxy The majority of the web pages on this site contain free proxy lists. More specifically each of these web pages contain a free Public Proxy IP list. Some of the lists are for HTTP and HTTPS and so target just your browsing of the Internet, some are for Sockets, anonymizing everything on your device, and some of the other IP lists offer different levels of anonymity. GitHub - simon-xia/uapar: a large scale IP alias