Your iTunes account consists of a lot of information about you like address, your credit card number, the country you live in, and the Apple ID that you use for purchases. In case, you shift your home, change bank, or make other changes related to your provided information, then you are forced to update your iTunes account.

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Apr 01, 2018

How do you change my email address on my iTunes account To change an email address on an iTunes account simply log in to the account and click on the Edit Account Info button and type the new address into the appropriate box.

Try All Possible Passwords for iTunes Account. The first method which you should try if you are …

May 08, 2018 · Note: – Read below restriction for change the iTunes account on iPhone and iPad. Apple authorized only 5 computers and only 10 iDevice to change, same iTunes account at a time. As well as once you are changed your iTunes account, after that if you want to again change your iTunes account modify then you have to wait for 3 months. Jan 26, 2019 · 1. Change Email Account On Mail App. The Mail app is one of the most useful built-in apps on our iPhones. It is very essential in today’s very mobile world. So, it is only fitting that we start off this guide on how to change email account on iPhone on our Mail app. Xbox Support loading Change your account login email address. To change your login email address: Go to the 'Security Summary’ page in your account settings. Select Change Email beneath the email address shown in the 'Email Address' section; Enter your password to authorize changes and enter a new email address. Select Change email to save changes and to return point at your account email in the upper right of the iTunes store bar click on the little down arrow that appears next to your account email address select "Account" from the list that appears enter your password click the Edit account info button change your email add and click "Done" at the bottom of the window