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Jun 06, 2012 SADES Gaming Headset Headphone for PS4/PC/Laptop/Xbox 360 Product Description: XBOX 360 headset / SADES SA-708GT gaming headset /headset for xbox 360 has very powerful functions: - 3.5mm plug cable compatible with PS4, smartphone, tablet, MP3/MP4. - The 1 in 2 audio cable is for PC computer and laptop. - Xbox-360 converter cable can connect Xbox 360 In this way, you can wear this headset to everywhere, for example, driving or riding a bicycle how to get an xbox 360 controller working for steam I have a wireless xbox 360 controller and I am trying to figure out a way to get it working for steam games (preferably free). I can connect the controller to my computer via the charging cable but whenever I do that it just connects to my xbox. Thanks for the help. < > How do i get my xbox 360 to connect to the internet via my I have a unique problem than anything im finding on the internet. My problem is my xbox doesnt even detect that its connected to anything. When i run the test connection it says "there is a problem with your connection" and doesnt even pass the first step.

Apr 06, 2020

Plug the wireless receiver into an available USB port. The PC will act like it is installing drivers but …

Jul 10, 2017

Dec 15, 2014 How to Play Xbox One on Laptop Screen with HDMI | PC-MIND Oct 01, 2019 Can I use my laptop to connect my 360 to the internet Xbox 360 - Xbox Live Arcade and Marketplace I have my Laptop on a wireless connection but I don't fancy forking out an extra 60 for a Wireless adapter for my 360 when I'm sure I … Can I connect my Xbox 360 to my laptop via HDMI and play Hi mate! The only laptops that I know of that can support HDMI in was the old Alienwares. The M18x was the last good Alienware built before Dell decided to cut their budget. This laptop had two HDMI ports on either side and one was for HDMI input